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    Pancake Breakfast with Santa 2015

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    Black, Orange and Crazy Hair Day!!


    Family Pasta Night

    Pasta Donated by teachers and staff, Bread Donated by Fantini Bakery.

    Readers Theater: Strega Nona

    Field Day 2015

    Memorial Day Concert 2015

    Literacy Title 1 Night: Bingo for Books






    On Monday, March 2nd many students from Haverhill High School and other volunteers from the City helped Golden Hill students celebrate Read Across America Day.



    Students are practicing their yoga moves for FAMILY FITNESS NIGHT! You will be amazed with their Yoga dance. We had families participating in family fitness activities in the gym, the students demonstrated yoga, and our nurse hosted a healthy food options table for families! We snacked on some fruit and yogurt to get our energy going!  Thank you to all who participated!

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    Health and Wellness Night

    March 2015

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    Celebrating Chinese New Year


    Chinese New Year 2014 857 Chinese New Year 2014 865 Chinese New Year 2014 881 Chinese New Year 2014 884 Chinese New Year 2014 885 Chinese New Year 2014 887



    Home Depot visits Golden Hill.  The fourth graders create wonderful toolboxes.


    Chinese New Year 2014 524 Chinese New Year 2014 530 Chinese New Year 2014 533 Chinese New Year 2014 546

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