Golden Hill Elementary School

  • 3/19/2020 – Family and Friend Messages

    Riley D, grade 2 student. Showing his talents:

    Mrs. Rodriguez,

    Thank you for your cheerful afternoon update today. Riley misses his friends, but has been keeping himself busy. In addition to working through his school packet and enjoying all the educational apps available, he has been hard at work innovating. Today’s masterpiece was a mini-foosball table.

    A big thank you to all staff at Golden Hill for putting together and distributing the homework packets yesterday.

    Wishing you all a safe and healthy adventure,
    The Danos family

    Mrs. Bouchard, reading coach, getting her mind ready for the day:

    Hi Golden Hill Eagles,

    My daughter, Jayleigh and I do yoga every morning after breakfast to keep our bodies and minds healthy. I miss you so much!

    Love, Miss Bouchard

    Rebecca T, grade 2 student, getting an early jump on today’s homework!

    Mrs. Campbell, grade 2 teacher, reading and reading:

    We’ve been reading lots of books!  Ryelyn and I also used binoculars to search for signs of spring today while out on a walk!

     Mrs. Campbell

    Molly J, grade 4 student, being a PAX leader:

    Keeping busy with her schoolwork!

    Mrs. Smullin, art teacher, shares this:

    My girls and I went to our elementary school this morning to start a community piece of art and I shared it on a few Facebook pages encouraging my community to come together, safely of course, to create a piece of art as a community.  I have included a few photos below.  



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