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  • 3/20/2020 – Today’s family and friend posts/messages

    Mrs. Peabody, reading teacher, puts her mind to work with a puzzle:

    Hey Friends!

    Hope you are all doing well and keeping yourselves busy. I have been challenging myself to not to turn on the TV.  Instead, I have been doing small projects around my house, like cleaning out messy closets.  When I need a break, I reward myself with reading a few chapters of my book on my kindle. Also, I have been keeping my brain

    busy by starting a puzzle.  The puzzle is 1000 pieces and a bit challenging.  I will try to keep you posted on the progress. If you have any puzzles at home, try making them. Then take a picture and post it on the website.  I would love to see them. I miss seeing all of you and I hope to see your smiling faces on the website.  

    Mrs. Peabody 

    Natalie P and Antonio P, grade 3 and grade K students:

    In the morning Natalie P from Mrs. Marshall class did paper maché. This afternoon Antonio P from Mrs. Curtin’s class colored. Just a Grammy keeping the kids busy.

    Mrs. Noonan, GH staff, sends us her humor:

    My at home stuff…. I had to give out detentions today… I caught my twins cheating on envisions math!

    Trenton and Tressa C, grade 4 and grade K students:

    Yay for Christmas presents being tucked away in a closet for a rainy day!!

    Trenton and Tressa Cannata are starting their day with morning announcements and then having art class drawing their pets!

    Hula, a kindergarten student, impresses us with her leadership skills:

    Hi Mrs.


    Hula was such a good girl today, already starting her kindergarten work packet while we were still finishing up breakfast. When we had to run an errand, Hula packed up her backpack so she could do some work on the road. And when we got home, she motivated her little sister, Wilder, to help her clean and organize the entry-way closet! She’s trying hard to be a PAX leader at home and misses all of her friends and teachers!

    Emma B, previous grade 4 student, sends along this message:

    Thinking of my friends at Golden Hill!


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