Golden Hill Elementary School

  • 3/20/2020 – Today’s family and friend posts/messages continued :)

    Matty C, grade 4 student, sends us his skills in baseball:

    Keeping busy during break time!

    The Bilo family, grade 1 and 4 students, are enjoying the nice weather today:

    We took a walk to Nettle and back home to pick up lunch and wound up with a team effort to haul home a weekend’s worth of meals. Such a nice thing for Haverhill to do through all of this. We’ll share some things we’ve been working on at home in the coming weeks hopefully. It’s been a whirlwind of a day here! 

    Mrs. Bradley, one of our Golden Hill parents, sends along the following:

    Hello Mrs. Rodriguez

    Here are some pictures of the kids doing their mascot kits at home.


    Mrs. Latch, reading teacher, sends the following message:

    Hi boys and girls! 

    I hope you’re keeping busy, spending time with your families, and finding time to read every day! I found some virtual field trips that may be fun to explore, so check them out if you can! I miss you and can’t wait to see you again!

    Keep smiling,

    Mrs. Latch

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