Golden Hill Elementary School

  • Connections for this week

    Dylan M, grade 2 student, still working hard and being creative:

    On Monday, she hosted a Zoom meeting called Dylan’s Kid Corner for her friends and cousins. She read them her favorite book, Green Eggs and Ham! She’s already planning to do another session featuring artwork. 

    Mrs. Pronovost, K teacher, shared one of her students learning at home:

    We gave the K students 5 beans with directions to plant.  Hula planted hers!

    The district shared a fun project to do for grades 2-4:


    Mrs. Latch, reading specialist, shared a read aloud with you:

    Dylan M, grade 2 student, wanted to share what she has been up to:

    Hi Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs. Windle,
    We hope you’re doing well! Dylan misses her Golden Hill friends. We’ve been taking a lot of walks and keeping up on our reading! She and her brother also made their mascots!

    Sean D, grade 2 student, is rolling coins from his jar and counting money:

    Mrs. St. Hilaire, a Golden Hill parent, sent along the following idea:

    The kids wanted me to send you a fun chalk art project we did outback on our fence. They incorporated their initials within the mosaic design also (totally their idea!).  It looks so pretty!  Super easy- we just made a design with painters tape, colored in with chalk and then peeled off tape!

    Melina B, a grade 4 student, sent the following message:

    Hello Melina has been working hard trying to do her packet. She has also been creative and done art, reading and some plays. Here is a note from her to the school!

    Mrs. Donahue, a grade 1 teacher, wanted to share her daughter having fun today!

    AnthonyD, a grade 4 student, is doing some great things:

    Hi Mrs. Rodriguez,
    This is Anthony D, 4th grade from Mrs. Pstragowski’s class room. He is keeping busy not only studying but also planting our vegetables for the summer and working on his puzzles.
    Hope you are all staying safe as well!
    We love all the information we are getting.
    Thank you,

    Emilia, grade 3 student, has some great ideas:
    Hi, It’s Emilia,
    I just wanted to say hi to you all, especially Mr.Estes and my classmates in room 310! Don’t miss the announcements! I have some advice for those who are bored! Download Duolingo and learn a new language or download an app to learn how to play an instrument.
    Mrs. Curtin, K teacher, sent the following fun with her son:
    Logan got to get outside and do his favorite thing.. build a snowman!
    Rebecca T, grade 2 student, is having fun:

    Rebecca enjoyed some outdoor time with her cat, Twilight, on this March Snow Day! Let’s call it a delayed start for school today.

    Mrs. Pstragowski’s son, grade 4 teacher, is loving the son:

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