Golden Hill Elementary School

  • Golden Hill Spirit!! PAX it UP! – Updates.

    Day 1 In-person


    All staff will be outside for the first days of school – 8:30, no earlier. 

    • Buses and parent drop off:
      • Buses will drop off students in front of the building. – Students come off buses slowly, prompted to use markings for distancing
      • Students keep masks on until prompted for their morning mask break.
      • Parent drop off will only be at the side walk, prompted to use markings for distancing.
      • Parents should not be walking students through the parking lot
    • Students assembling:
      • Students maintain physical distance and proceed to designated areas (designated by grade level). These areas have markings to help with physical distance.
        • K Tents area, front
        • 1st Along back of the building
        • 2,, Back tent areas.
        • 3,4 Designated field areas
    • If you are picking up your child after school – please have a note with who will pick up and the car type. This can be put in your child’s back pack or emailed. It is important to know.

    Meeting the staff.

    It is understandable and reasonable that parents and guardians want to have some contact during the first day, especially this year.

    First, if you are a “Golden Hill Veteran,” It is best to pull up to the drop-off section, stay in your car, and watch your awesome child head out to school. We’ll take care of them.

    Also, per order of the Haverhill Public Schools, only staff and students are allowed in the building.

    Further, we will need to be very cognizant of avoiding crowds. Everyone must have a mask on. Maintain physical distance

    However, some families may not have been able to engage with the open-house, therefore while maintaining physical distance and wearing a mask, you are welcome to bring your child to their teacher. But the opportunity for traditional light conversation needs to be curtailed. A  brief friendly greeting, is fine. There will be far fewer students than we usually have. We may politely remind folks of the need to keep moving, maintain distance, and avoid crowds. This is not to be unfriendly. Things are different this year. 

    We understand this is can be a particularly anxious time for parents/guardians of new students to Golden Hill and to parents/guardians of younger students in Kindergarten. The good news is the first days will allow for some brief interaction – but we will need to keep moving, maintain distance, and avoid crowds. Also, our staff will make every effort to be responsive with communication.

    We are a community, no matter what. You are a welcome member of the school, we are just building community in different ways.

    Translation: Spanish

    DAY 1



    • Will be from classrooms
    • Buses will be called over the intercom
      • Students will remain in rooms until called
      • Staff will be positioned throughout the school to ensure student safety
      • Students will exit through front door to awaiting buses
      • Mask on
    • Walkers & Parent Pick Up, Arriving at 3:10 will diminish your waiting time. Our parking lot and road are limited in their capacity. It takes approx. 20-25 minutes for the entire dismissal process. It is longer for the first week.
      • Students will be dismissed from classrooms by announcement by office
      • Staff will be escorting.
      • Staff will accompany students to pick up area, remain to supervise, being mobile and cognizant of physical distancing.
      • Parents, adult who is picking up may be required to show ID.
      • Making sure the classroom teacher knows who is picking up a student is CRITICAL.
    • For early Dismissal,
      • Ring the bell, state the student name. You should always have your ID. Sign out and pick up of the student will be in the vestibule (between metal doors). Mask must be worn.
      • Be sure that the teacher knows if a child is being dismissed early with a note, include who will pick-up.  We can not assume your child has the right information about being picked up, and we are not able to identify you by phone. There must be a NOTE.

    Be safe, drive safe. Be patient.

    Translation – Spanish

    Bus Passes –


    Tomorrow we will have extended times for you to come school and pick up your child’s bus pass.

    9 -10:30  K and   Grade 4

    10:30 – 12 noon  Grade 1

    12 – 1:30              Grade 2

    1:30 – 3:00.         Grade 3

    3:00 – 4:00.        Open for all grades

    Also, if you can not get here at your grade level’s time – we understand. By having the schedule by grade level, we hope to avoid traffic and crowding.

    Please have your child’s name on a large piece of paper for us to see.  You will pull up to the front of the building and stop at a the orange cone. Please stay in you car. We’ll use the paper to identify the student and give you your bus pass.

    You Must have the bus pass to use the bus. The bus pass has the bus number on it.


    Pases de autobús –


    Mañana tendremos más tiempo para que venga a la escuela y recoja el pase de autobús de su hijo.

    9-10: 30 K y Grado 4

    10:30 – 12:00 mediodía Grado 1

    12 – 1:30 Grado 2

    1:30 – 3:00.     Grado 3

    3:00 – 4:00.    Abierto para todos los grados

    Además, si no puede llegar aquí a la hora de su nivel de grado, lo entendemos. Al tener el horario por nivel de grado, esperamos evitar el tráfico y el hacinamiento.

    Por favor tenga el nombre de su hijo en un papel grande para que lo veamos. Llegará al frente del edificio y se detendrá en el cono naranja. Por favor, quédese en su coche. Usaremos el papel para identificar al estudiante y darle su pase de autobús.

    Debe tener el pase de autobús para usar el autobús. El pase de autobús tiene el número de autobús.

    PAX Leaders! 

    I hope everyone can take some time to enjoy a fabulous New England weekend. I know waiting for information can produce some impatience, and wanting as many questions answered fully is normal and understandable. Here is some further information about next steps to open school –

    The following will be the procedure for picking up a Chromebook:

    1.     Arrive at school during your time and day (schedule in previous email and on website).

    2.     Have a large piece of paper that has your students first and last name, write large enough for staff to see.

    3.     We’d prefer you put a mask on for the below steps.

    4.     Staff will get the computer, open your trunk and we’ll put the computer in there.

    5.     You’ll then get a clip board and sign the Haverhill Public Schools’ acceptable use policy, and sign for the computer. If you have your own pen – great. We are trying to be conscious of the need to limit contact and follow the health guidelines. 

    6.     Please remember, this only for students without a Chromebook.

    The Kindergarten distribution for those Kindergartners in the REMOTE Academy will be the 15th, 9:30 to 3:00.

    Kindergartners in the Hybrid (Cohort A and Cohort B & C) will be contacted with specific details and scheduling the Wednesday morning, and the dates will be the 16-18th.

    You’ll continue to receive information as our new school year unfolds. 


    Saludos a nuestra comunidad de Golden Hill,

    ¡Líderes PAX! 

    Espero que todos puedan tomarse un tiempo para disfrutar de un fabuloso fin de semana en Nueva Inglaterra. Sé que esperar información puede producir cierta impaciencia, y es normal y comprensible querer la mayor cantidad de preguntas respondidas. Aquí hay más información sobre los próximos pasos para abrir la escuela:

    El siguiente será el procedimiento para recoger un Chromebook:

    1.     Llegue a la escuela durante su horario y día (horario en el correo electrónico anterior y en el sitio web).

    2.     Tenga una hoja grande de papel que tenga el nombre y apellido de sus estudiantes, escriba lo suficientemente grande para que el personal lo vea.

    3.     Preferiríamos que se pusiera una máscara para los siguientes pasos.

    4.     El personal tomará la computadora, abrirá su baúl y nosotros pondremos la computadora allí.

    5.     Luego obtendrá un tablero de clip y firmará lalas Escuelas Públicas de Haverhill política de uso aceptable de, y firmará por la computadora. Si tienes tu propio bolígrafo, genial. Estamos tratando de ser conscientes de la necesidad de limitar el contacto y seguir las pautas de salud. 

    6.     Recuerde, esto solo para estudiantes sin Chromebook.

    La distribución Kindergarten para aquellos niños de Kinder en la Academia remoto será el15,9:30-3:00.

    Niños de kinder en el híbrido (cohorte A y Cohorte B y C) se pondrá en contacto con los detalles específicos y programar el miércoles por la mañana, y las fechas serán el 16-18º.

    Continuará recibiendo información a medida que avance nuestro nuevo año escolar. 


    Our first Face Mask Selfie (FMS). Love it!

    “Here’s our mommy and daughter pic at our favorite family activity! Canobie Lake Park! “
    From the Ritchies!
    Here’s Jeannette Lopez, looking so proud, I love the butterfly shirt!
    Luka Lupi and his little brother Landon, they are making the most of warm summer…looks like fresh raspberries. YUMMY
    The DeVinney family enjoying the great outdoors, hello Ryan and Ethan!
    Sanari McGrath, very much relaxed!

    Riley Danos, boy he looks confident!

    Jhonjadis Figuereo, with his mom at the beach. I LOVE THE BEACH! Jhonjadis sure looks happy.
    Noah Moore, going into grade 2, in his mask that has his favorite character, “Sirenhead” on it
    Mrs. Smullin – best art teacher this side of the Mississippi – enjoying a great day to be outdoors!
    Olivia Ago, a brand new PAX Leader for Golden Hill – welcome to Kindergarten “Liv.”
    Dominic Santos hanging out with his Golden Hill Eagle!! Sitting on porch steps, enjoying a nice summer.
    Sarah da Silva – grade 2. She looks like she ready for a fun walk. look at that smile!!!
    The wonderful Ms. Malossek and Dr. Green😊
    Anderson Wrisley, 3rd grade and Hannah Wrisley, 1st grade.  Well…I want to jump in that pool!!
    Here’s Mrs. Soterion with Payton. Looks like Payton is taking her “Mask Break.”
    Here’s Ethan Skaleris, looks like he is hangin out on boat.

    Emma Wholley (Gr4) and Margaret Rizzo (Gr4) – Beach Day!!

    Keep the face mask Selfies coming!!

    Greetings to the Golden Hill…PAX LEADERS and PAX LEARNERS!!!

    I am so excited and ready to greet our awesome kids!

    For the past almost 7 months concern, anxiety, and stress have been constant companions in an atmosphere of uncertainty.  Things have been tough, and people have faced some real challenges, losses,  and difficulties. My excitement certainly doesn’t disregard this point. Like so many educators my excitement and anticipation is “hand in hand” with an understanding that all of us in the Golden Hill community will be working to have a responsible opening.

    We’ll do this by focusing on the guidance from the CDC, Massachusetts Department of Health, The Massachusetts Department of Education, and the Haverhill Public School leadership. We have a tremendous staff that will be working to create a safe and successful year. And we have awesome kids and families.

    Being positive and keeping a vibrant and strong school “spirit and culture” will help to support the social, emotional, and physical well-being of students, staff, and families.

    To that end, let’s do something fun to help build our community and do a little “normalizing!!”




    Some of mine are included, I took them at one of my favorite places – GOLDEN HILL SCHOOL!! Also, wearing one of my favorite “go to” fashion items…the Hawaiian shirt.

    Take a look, and then…. SEND IN YOUR FACE MASK SELFIE!!

    Take a look, and then…. SEND IN YOUR FACE MASK SELFIE!!

    One is me in our cafeteria, with a lot of tables so when kids are here they are seated safely.

    Another is me in a classroom ready for kids! You’ll note the spacing of chairs, and only half will be filled during hybrid model. Things will be different.

    And lastly, there I am outside. I love the flower bed in the parking lot!! We’ll be making use of the outdoors, for mask breaks, teaching, and lots of other things.


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