What is PAX?

PAX (an evidence based program) is a our School Wide Behavior Program

PAX is latin for PEACE.  The program is centered around developing strategies that support students in areas of self-management, specifically with developing Peace, Productivity, Health, and Happiness.  It is a preventative intervention that supports the development of trauma-informed classrooms and social emotional learning.

Some terms that you might hear your child talk about:

PAX Kernels – The skills the students are working on, such as:

PAX Vision – This creates a “how to” map to support students with predicting, self-monitoring, and reflecting on their peace, productivity, happiness, and health each day.

PAX Leader – Every student is a PAX leader and we acknowledge this in students by identifying specific behaviors we see that is reflective of creating peace.

PAX Good Behavior Game – Used during ANY instructional activity; it is a way for students to use self-regulation together to create an environment of peace, productivity, health, and happiness.

PAX Quiet – Students are learning to focus their attention for an important intention.

Granny’s Wacky Prizes – Proven strategies/Mystery Motivators for increasing PAX behaviors that we want to see more of.  These are rewarding consequences for cooperative efforts.

Beat The Timer – A strategy to increase the time engaged.

PAX Stix – This promotes trust and predictability and a fair chance for participation.

Tootles – A way to encourage/praise students for specific PAX behaviors

PAX Voices – We practice voice levels.

PAX Hands and Feet – This is to provide predictable limits and increases a sense of safety as students develop self-regulation.

OK/Not OK – This is feedback for prosocial behaviors and problematic behaviors


For More Information About PAX, below is the website: