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  • Great Concert, and Great Way to Wrap up 2018!

    Greetings to All,

    2018 is almost over…when our students return it will be 2019! We ended with a great week, including a wonderful concert –  Our third graders also went to a wonderful theatrical performance as part of their literacy instruction, and as a great addition to their life experience.




    Part of the district goal, and our Golden Hill goal, is improving student attendance. Many know the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, we have included below our 12 Kids of Attendance. We have the top 12 students for attendance this year.


    Cody Bilo

    Taryn Flood

    Ashley Garcia

    Jose Garcia

    Wayde Lesage

    Jayze Minaya

    Danry Njawa

    Brayden Panneton

    Ivan Passaflume

    Justyce Romero

    Miles Tarasuk

    Natalie Tolman

    Jason Vargas

    No absences, no tardy days, no dismissals. WOW! And yes, there are actually 13!

    We really are lucky to have such a great group of kids and a great staff that supports them. From us, to you please have a safe and happy holiday. Whatever holidays or special traditions you have, we hope you find some joy, friendship, and make some great memories. And for those families who are feeling the pain of those who they won’t be there to share in this time, our thoughts go out to you.

    Happy Holidays From…

    Golden Hill,



    Thank you to all those who were able to stop by for our Holiday Pancake Breakfast. It was a really fun day. THe kids were great and it was a nice opportunity to build our community.

    Take a quick look at the fun:


    Don’t forget the below dates –


    Book Fair, started yesterday and ends on the 13th.

    December 8th – Saturday – Pancake breakfast.

    Parent Teacher Conferences are the 12th of December, (4:30 to 6pm).

    Fun Friday, Pajama Day. December 14th

    December 19th Holiday Concert Grades 1 and 3, 10am until 11am.

    December 20th  Holiday Spirit Day

    December 21st   Early release day for students.



    For the “21 Days” starting after the attendance breakfast and ending on the 21st of November, we have those homerooms with the highest rate of attendance.


    Grade 1 = Mrs. Massarro’s class, 95.1%

    Grade 2 = Mrs. Windle’s class, 95.7%

    Grade 3 = Mr. Estes’s class, 96.2%

    Grade 4 = Mrs. Onofaro’s class, 94.8%

    Multi-grade classes = Mrs. Wade’s class, 95.2%


    Great Job to These classrooms- being here is so important!! Mr. Michitson and Mrs. Rodriguez will talk to the teachers about a nice way to recognize these rooms.




    No olvide las fechas abajo –

    Feria del Libro, iniciada hoy y finaliza el día 13. th .

    8 de diciembre th – Sábado – Desayuno de panqueques.

    Las conferencias de padres y maestros son las 12 th de diciembre, (4:30 a 6pm).

    Viernes de diversión, día del pijama.

    19 de diciembre th Concierto de vacaciones Grados 1 y 3, de 10am a 11am.

    20 de diciembre th Día del espíritu festivo

    21 de diciembre S t Día de salida temprana para estudiantes.



    Y … Asistencia:

    Para los “21 Días” que comienzan después del desayuno de asistencia y terminan el 21 S t En noviembre, tenemos los salones con la mayor tasa de asistencia.


    Grado 1 = clase de la Sra. Massarro, 95.1%

    Grado 2 = clase de la Sra. Windle, 95.7%

    Grado 3 = clase del Sr. Estes, 96.2%

    Grado 4 = clase de la señora Onofaro, 94.8%

    Clases multigrado = clase de la Sra. Wade, 95.2%


    Gran trabajo para estas aulas, ¡estar aquí es muy importante! El Sr. Michitson y la Sra. Rodríguez hablarán con los maestros sobre una buena manera de reconocer estas habitaciones.



  • Student Hndbook

    Student Handbooks are accessible on the HPS site. You may also click the link below to see them.

    Student Handbook

    Student Handbook Translated

    Thank You – And Keep Learning!!!

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