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  • Title I Author Visit Cancelled

    Hello Eagle Community,

    Based on the weather conditions and related issues, we will NOT be having our Title I author visit. We will reschedule.

    Again, the Title I author night is cancelled, but we will reschedule.

  • Principal’s Literacy Challenge – Read Something, Write Something, Learn Something!

    Opps…I did not write my last two posts for those doing the literacy challenge!

    February 22, 2017

    Yesterday I read a newspaper articles about birdfeeder and what to feed birds. I don’t have birdhouses, and have never been interested in them – but sometimes people are just curious. I did learn about what things birds like, in this article in “suet.” Suet, it turns out is animal fat! That surprised me, that birds would like that.


    I also enjoyed the writer’s style, it was really conversational, you could “hear” his voice. One way he did this as to use parentheses with this phrase, the raccoons will get it, or something very similar. Also, at one point in the article, he “talked” directly to the person who had a question about what another way to get more birds was – he wrote, “You started this Ed by asking about getting more birds in your yard.”




    February 21, 2017

    On Tuesday it was an interesting day of reading. At the end of the day I was tired, and thought I was not in the mood to read. Well, that was because I had done so much reading on my first day back to school!

    I noticed something about reading for work. When reading emails, instructions, or memos (memos are brief notes, reminders, outlines – usually on a pretty specific topic) I did a lot of scanning and rereading.


    That’s because my purpose was to find important words or phrases (scanning) and to make sure I understood what the information was asking or telling me (rereading). Those are skills all readers use – scanning and rereading.





    February 20, 2017

    Greetings Eagles! My reading diet needed some variety, so I picked up a Reader’s Digest. This is a little magazine that has several articles on a variety of subjects. I read a nonfiction article called, Idle Power Hogs. It was about how the many electronic devices we have use power – a lot of power – because many of them are actually never off!

    In fact, almost 25% of residential power use is from devise in “idle, stand by, or sleep mode.” One example was the writer’s own cable box. It uses 28 watts when on and 26 when in “off.” If he never used the cable box, it would still consume (use) 227 kilowatt hours a year. The cost of this to us? It comes out to be about $19 billion a year!

    When learning things like this, it makes me think about how many electronics you have and how many you need. One idea from the author was to unplug, because with many devices turning it to off just does not mean what it used to.

    Well, that is my READ, WRITE, AND LEARN! I hope you are all doing the same!


    February 19, 2017

    Well Eagles, at the end of the book – The Land of Stories, the Wishing Spell – an excerpt from another book in this series, there are three so far. After reading the excerpt, I decided I will get the next book, but not now. I think I will peruse the bookstore or the library and see if anything strikes me.

    Also, the idea of having an except at the end of one book to introduce and get the reader interested in another book is not uncommon. An excerpt is a section, sometimes an entire chapter from another book.

    I decided to learn a little about one of the fairytales in this book, Sleeping Beauty. It turns out that in the Grimm Brothers story that Disney based the film on, Sleeping Beauty is asleep for 100 years – as well as the entire kingdom! Also, the Grimm Brothers based their story from a French story teller – Charles Perrault. He shared the story in about 1697, the Brothers Grimm didn’t write their version until about 1812.





    February 18, 2017

    I finished The Land of Stories, The Wishing Spell! It was a fun and interesting read. I had mentioned that this is a “Quest” story, and that a quest is a journey to reach some goal through danger and over a distance.

    One part I enjoyed about the story is how the author connected different parts together. For instance, the children, Alex and Conner, who were on a quest were also learning something about their past. Another plot was the story of a fairytale character, The Evil Queen from the Snow White fairy tale. The author told all these stories in a way that was interesting and made sense.

    I was thinking about this month, Black History Month. I wondered when it started and why.

    It turns out that Dr. Carter G. Woodson, in 1926, observed the second week of February in honor of African American History. It was under a different name, and he chose the second week of February in honor of Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. In 1976 the entire month of February was recognized officially by the U.S. Government as “Black History Month.’


    February 17, 2017

    It is the third day of the Principal’s Literacy Challenge. I hope a lot of you are trying it out – READ! WRITE! LEARN!

    I continued reading The Land of Stories, The Wishing Spell. As the story has moved along I am noticing a pattern. As the two main characters meet different fairytale characters, the plot moves along. Each meeting is marked by the two main characters, Alex and Conner, finding another item they need to complete their quest, and there is always some danger involved.

    One of the things I learned today was that teachers in grade four are focusing on helping students have a structure to create a piece of non-fiction writing. One teacher was talking about using a table of contents and how rereading a draft can help kids find some topics about their main idea. This teacher also had a hand gesture to help the kids think about how they would organize their writing.

    The other teacher was using a thesis with three bullets, and modeling how each bullet could be and should be in support of the thesis – and to expand on the bullet you could relate a “story.” The teacher talked about playing a movie in your mind to help you start writing about the story, and to remember that the story parts should all be in support of the thesis and it didn’t have to be long.

    I learned how these two teachers were helping kids write!


    Eagles, if you haven’t started The Literacy Challenge – start it today! Remember two winners from each grade will be picked when we are done.





    February 16, 2017

    Day 2 of the Principal’s Literacy Challenge. I read some more from The Land of Stories, The Wishing Spell. The story seems to be moving along now. Several of the characters are from famous fairy tales and it is interesting how the author has them related to each other in the plot. Like many stories I can’t help predicting how the characters will interact as the story draws to an end!


    Yesterday I used my computer to look up what a snowflake was – it was really quick and easy. Before computers gave us so much information we had to use books – especially encyclopedias. These books were collections of knowledge. So, I was interested in what the first encyclopedia was…

    A few thousand years ago Pliny the Elder wrote Natrualis Historiae, Latin for the Natural History. It was the first encyclopedia. Interestingly I found this information on the most modern encyclopedia I know – Wikipedia.


    I hope you all are taking the Challenge – READ! WRITE! LEARN!

    February 15, 2017


    It was the first day of the Principal’s Literacy Challenge. So, this my first post!

    I continued reading The Land of Stories, The Wishing Spell. The story has a well known structure – it is a Quest. Quests are stories about characters going on a long journey to accomplish some kind of difficult task. That’s what this story is like. The setting is interesting and familiar also, it is a land where all the familiar fairytales exist!


    So, that was some writing about my reading…now about something I learned.


    I was curious about how and why snow falls. I found out that when it is really cold and there is moisture (think water) in the air, tiny pieces of ice form and they can “crash” into each other and stick together. When enough stick together they make a snowflake, and it falls down! Then we watch it blanket the ground in white, shovel it, play in it, and see it melt away!


    That’s it for today – READ! WRITE, LEARN! I hope you all tried to do some of those things!!



  • Save the Date: Author Jerry Pallotta coming to GH!

    Click to open the flyers for Jerry Pallotta’s visit to Golden Hill.

    SAVE THE DATE! Jerry Pallotta Spanish

    SAVE THE DATE! Jerry Pallotta

  • Author Jerry Pallotta Visiting Golden Hill

       Title I Presents…

    Join Jerry for his thirty year review of publishing as he discusses researching, writing, designing, working with illustrators, editing and publishing his best-selling books. Learn how he alphabetizes bugs, skulls and trucks. Take a math literacy tour through his MATH=FUN series. See Jerry’s newest reluctant reader boy (and girls love it to!) series, Who Would Win, with the newest titles Lobster vs Crab, Ultimate Ocean Rumble and Rattlesnake vs Secretary Bird.

    When:        Thursday, February 16, 2017

                       Hours 5:30-7:00p.m

    Pizza will be served from 5:30 – 6:00

    Presentation 6:00 – 7:00

    Where:       Golden Hill School Cafeteria

    Grades:     1 to 4

    RSVP: Please let us know if you will attend by returning the bottom portion of this invitation.


    Cut along line and return only bottom sheet.





    Student Name(s):_______________________________________________________


    Total Number of People Attending: ______

     Título I Presenta…

    Noche para Conocer al Autor con

    Jerry Pallotta

    Únase a Jerry en su trayectoria de treinta años de publicaciones en la cual él discute investigaciones, obras, diseños, trabajo con ilustradores, editando y la publicación de sus libros de mayor venta. Conozca como él alfabetiza insectos, cráneos y camiones.  Tome una gira de competencia matemática a través de su divertida serie MATH=FUN. Vea las series de Jerry acerca del nuevo renuente chico lector (¡y a las chicas también les encanta!), Who Would Win, con sus nuevos  títulos Lobster vs Crab, Ultimate Ocean Rumble y Rattlesnake vs Secretary Bird.

    Cuándo:   jueves febrero 16, 2017

                       Horario 5:30-7:00p.m

    Se servirá pizza de 5:30 – 6:00

    Presentación 6:00 – 7:00

    Dónde:      Cafetería de la Escuela Golden Hill

    Grados:     1 al 4


    Reserve: Por favor déjenos saber si va a asistir, regresando la porción posterior de esta invitación.

    Recorte en la línea y regrese la parte de abajo solamente.





    Nombre(s) de los Estudiantes :___________________________________________


    Número total de participantes: ______

  • January Calendar 2017

    Happy New Year everyone one. Click here for the Calendar for January January Calendar 2017

  • Eagle Feathers in December

    Take a look at the wonderful students who earned Eagle Feathers in the Month of December!!

    Great students!!! Keep up the good work.


  • Plaster Fun Time!

    Looking for something to do with the kids during winter break?

    Join your friends and their families at Plaster Fun Time in Haverhill on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 from 10am to 6pm for Golden Hill’s Family Day!

    Plaster Fun Time will donate 20% of all sales back to Golden Hill PTO to help fund enrichment activities for our students.

    Bring this coupon and tell them you are with Golden Hill Elementary School!! Plaster Fun Time 12_2016 (2)


    Plaster Fun Time is located in the RiversEdge Plaza between Market Basket and Haverhill House of Pizza, in the old Radio Shack store

  • Breakfast with Santa a Huge Success!!

    What a wonderful morning spent with the Golden Hill family.

  • Reminder Book Fair starts this week.

    The book fair starts on Thursday, December 8th. Your child will come to the fair on his or her regular library day. Please make sure you write checks to Golden Hill school. You can also order on-line at

    Thank you and keep reading!!

  • Sneak Peak of Winter Concert on December 10th

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    The creativity, hard work and musicianship your students bring to the classroom have made the start of my time in Haverhill Public Schools fun and exciting.  We have spent the last few months working on developing our fundamental music skills as well engaging in collaborative music making.

    I am writing to invite you to our many performances this Holiday Season. The first opportunity to hear our students perform will be this Saturday, December 10th, at Golden Hill’s Annual Pancake Breakfast.  Each grade will perform one or two selections from the music they are working on for our Winter Concert.


    Performance times are as follows:

    9:00- 4th Grade

    9:15- 3rd Grade

    9:30- 2nd Grade

    9:45- 1st Grade


    After the sneak peak on December 10th, there will be two days of Winter Concerts at Golden Hill.


    Wednesday, December 21st at 10 AM- 1st and 2nd Grade

    Thursday, December 22nd at 10 AM- 3rd and 4th Grade


    Thank you and I am looking forward to meeting you this Holiday Season,

    Barry Davis

    Golden Hill Music Specialist

(978) 374-3400
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