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Mr. Bruce Michitson – Principal

Mrs. Paula Rodriguez – Assistant Principal

  • To Our Golden Hill Community,


    It is the end of a long week at our school. Our hearts still hurt from the tragic news about our first grade student, Delilah. So many of us searched for something we could do, or say, to ease the pain.

    As I look back, I am so proud and thankful for the support that our staff gave to each other, to our students, and as much as we could to Delilah’s family. Along with this, we all appreciate the kindness of you – our parents and extended Golden Hill Family. Our PTO has been right there to help us out and offer what they could to Delilah’s family. The Haverhill School District supported Golden Hill with counselors on staff as needed to help our School Counselor, Mr. Rosso. Our sister schools across the district supported us to. All this so we could help our kids, and offer our genuine sympathy and fellowship to Delilah’s family.

    Please know that our staff will be attentive to our students as the year progresses. Although the routines and predictable structures of a school day often help kids when this kind of event happens, we never know what may come up as they try to make sense of it.

    Thank you to our Golden Hill Community, and thank you to my staff for their service to our children.

    Lastly, I will share one little story that tells you a lot about our kids – as I was greeting our students this is a conversation I had with one little boy –

    Student: Hey Mr. Michitson, I think we should have the flag at half mast… know for Delilah.

    Me: That is a great idea, what’s your name?

    Student: Gavin

    Me: I’m so glad you said that, what a great idea Gavin, I’m so glad you said that. You’re a great kid Gavin.

    Our kids are great.

    To Delilah’s family we still send our thoughts and prayers every day, earnestly.

    Your Principal,

    Mr. Michitson










    Fun News For The Fourteenth Of November…

    Matt Noyes the meteorologist for NECN and NBC Boston, visited Golden Hill School today.


         Matt brought the “Weather Warrior” van and students were able to learn how science is connected to every day life, and how some interest in how the world works can lead to a career doing “what you love!”



    Also, I enjoyed the YMCA Educator of the Year Dinner – with two nominees from Golden Hill Ms. Atwood and Mrs. Pstragowski.

    Great Kids ! Great School! GREAT TEACHERS!



    On November 11th, at 11 am, in 1918 – the Armistice was signed to end the Great War. This is often referred to as “11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month.”

    On May 13, 1938, Congress made this day a legal holiday – Armistice Day.


    Many thought that this war would end all wars – sadly it didn’t and it became known as World War One – as the Second World War would follow. Many soldiers, families, and workers gave to this and other efforts to defend and protect our country. This of course continues today.


    On May 26, 1954, Congress established this day – November 11th – as a day to celebrate all veterans, still calling it Armistice Day. In June of that same year it was changed to Veterans’ Day. This is what we now commemorate today. A veteran is anyone who served in the armed services.


    To our Veterans, their families and friends, we thank you for your service to our country. This day has a rich history – I shared only a little. Every veteran who is today serving, or has served in the past, is a part of that history of honor and service.


    The Golden Hill Community thanks you.





  • PTO…


    Check out the Golden Hill PTO News Letter for October….PTO NEWS LETTER







  • Thank You

    Greetings Golden Hill School Community,


    It is an appropriate day to take some time and send out our thoughts and prayers to all those in Florida and Texas struggling to meet the challenges from the effects of both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

    It is the anniversary of the 2001 attacks. It was on this awful day that we saw so many first responders running into danger to save lives, and meeting the needs of the injured and despondent. We also saw how people come together and reached out to lend support and comfort. The natural disasters this month can be reminders of the incredible nobility, courage, and kindness that is evident in each of us and our neighbors.


    To our first responders, service men & women, and our helping neighbors – thank you.

  • Go Golden!!

    Hello Golden Hill Community, we are into week two of school. We hope all of our students, parents, and guardians have had a good start.

    We hope all enjoyed the Labor Day holiday. Many of us have friends and relatives who are part of that great group of men and women who helped build, maintain, create, and provide service for all of us.

    Labor is a worthy activity, we celebrate and appreciate it.

    Moving forward, please note the below.

    1. Please reapply/apply for reduced or free lunch prior to October 1st. Note, if you currently have free or reduced lunch YOU STILL NEED TO APPLY AGAIN.
    2. If you have not received this option, we strongly encourage you to apply.
    3. Make sure email and phone information is up to date – our ability to reach you in any case of emergency is crucial.
    4. Check our website, your child’s backpack, and your email for communication.
    5. The PTO meeting on September 11th will be at 3:45 (not 3:30).




    Traffic/Parking – There is one way into and one way out of Golden Hill School. Please be patient and drive carefully (10 miles per hour).

  • We’re Back!!

     Is Almost Over!

    Greetings Eagle Parents/Guardians,

    Our Open House is just around the corner, August 28th 4:00-5:30. Please sign in as you arrive, teachers will be in their classrooms waiting to meet you!


    Staff will be available in the front office to assist with finding your child’s teacher if you do not know.

    Also, if you know your child’s bus number, please share that information with the classroom teacher. Transportation information is on the District Website under the department tab – then click on transportation.


    Traffic/Parking – There is one way into and one way out of Golden Hill School. Please be patient and drive carefully (10 miles per hour).


    Mr. Michitson (Principal), and Mrs. Rodriguez (Assistant Principal) will be circulating through the building, feel free to say “Hi” and introduce yourself. They are there to talk with and meet you.

    On the first day of school many kids are excited – some are nervous – some are both. We know this and will work to make it a good first day.

    In addition, during the first week of school there is a great deal of car traffic. Although we all have somewhere to be, safety is number one. Staff is there to make sure students get to school safely. So, plan accordingly, as it may be time consuming for those first days. School starts at 9am, staff is on morning duty at 8:45.


    Please make sure to check the Haverhill Public School web site for the Student Handbook, and be sure to sign and return the Golden Hill Addendum, which goes home the first week along with a proof of residency form.

    Those eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch – Must reapply every year. You must reapply this year.


    Most importantly,



     S.O.A.R and be a good citizen!

    Stay safe, have an Outstanding attitude, Act responsibly, Respect yourself, others, and property.

  • AUGUST 28TH OPEN HOUSE 2017-2018 – 4 TO 5:30

    Greetings To Returning Eagles & New Ones,

    Our open house is August 28th from 4pm to 5:30. Teachers, administrators, and support personnel will be available for you to meet and chat with. There will be an introduction at the start of the visit, with follow-up information announced at the midpoint and end of the open house.

    We are very excited to see you and hope you are having an enjoyable and safe summer … and everyone … KEEP READING!


    I found this banner on top of Mt. Major in Alton Bay NH.


  • Welcome – Grade 4 News.

    Greetings Golden Hill Community,


    I am pleased to announce the creation of a new grade 4 classroom here at Golden Hill. This new classroom will better serve the growing enrollment of our school.

    We have also added a new grade 4 teacher, Mrs. Diana Farrell. Mrs. Farrell has worked with us as a long-term substitute for grade 1, and special education provider for grade 4. Mrs. Farrell is a highly professional, energetic, qualified educator. We are very happy to have her serving our students.

    Those students assigned to room 304, Mrs. Farrell will be the grade 4 teacher for that room.

    Thank You,

    and….Keep Reading!!

  • Summer Reading Lists 2017

    Attached are the summer reading lists. Please choose the grade level that your child is entering in the fall of 2017. Students who participate in the summer reading program will earn a certificate, an ice-cream and a chance to win raffle prizes. In September send in a list of the books your child read  or had read to them over the summer so that your child will receive recognition for participating.

    English Summer Reading Information


    Pre K- 1 Summer reading 2017

    Grade 2 and 3 Summer reading 2017 (1)

    Grade 4-5 Summer reading 2017

    Grade 6-8 Summer reading 2017 (4)

    Summer Reading Log

    Spanish Summer Reading Information

    SPLetter Summer reading 2017_SPANISH Translated

    SPPre K- 1 Summer reading 2017 final copy_SPANISH – Translated

    SPGrade 2 and 3 final copy 2016- 2017_SPANISH Translated

    SPGrade 4-5 Summer reading 2017 final copy_SPANISH Translated

    SPGrade 6-8 final copy 2017_SPANISH Translated


  • Savers donates books

    For the second year in a row Savers in Plaistow, NH donated enough books for each student to take home a book for summer reading. Thank you so much Savers for helping us promote literacy.

  • Author Jerry Pallotta visits Golden Hill.

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