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Mr. Bruce Michitson – Principal
Mrs. Paula Rodriguez – Assistant Principal

  • Golden Hill School – PAX it UP!!

    January 24th Updates –

    Eagle’s Nest:



    From our Nurse:

    Nurse’s message Spanish

    The below link has the people you would need to be in touch with depending on what information and assistance you would need. The sheet includes our Parent Liaison who also assists with translation.

    El enlace a continuación tiene las personas con las que necesitaría estar en contacto según la información y la asistencia que necesite. La hoja incluye a nuestro enlace con los padres que también ayuda con la traducción.


    Spanish Communication:


    November 22 GH update English and Spanish.

    Our first Face Mask Selfie (FMS). Love it!

    “Here’s our mommy and daughter pic at our favorite family activity! Canobie Lake Park! “
    From the Ritchies!
    Here’s Jeannette Lopez, looking so proud, I love the butterfly shirt!
    Luka Lupi and his little brother Landon, they are making the most of warm summer…looks like fresh raspberries. YUMMY
    The DeVinney family enjoying the great outdoors, hello Ryan and Ethan!
    Sanari McGrath, very much relaxed!

    Riley Danos, boy he looks confident!

    Jhonjadis Figuereo, with his mom at the beach. I LOVE THE BEACH! Jhonjadis sure looks happy.
    Noah Moore, going into grade 2, in his mask that has his favorite character, “Sirenhead” on it
    Mrs. Smullin – best art teacher this side of the Mississippi – enjoying a great day to be outdoors!
    Olivia Ago, a brand new PAX Leader for Golden Hill – welcome to Kindergarten “Liv.”
    Dominic Santos hanging out with his Golden Hill Eagle!! Sitting on porch steps, enjoying a nice summer.
    Sarah da Silva – grade 2. She looks like she ready for a fun walk. look at that smile!!!
    The wonderful Ms. Malossek and Dr. Green😊
    Anderson Wrisley, 3rd grade and Hannah Wrisley, 1st grade.  Well…I want to jump in that pool!!
    Here’s Mrs. Soterion with Payton. Looks like Payton is taking her “Mask Break.”
    Here’s Ethan Skaleris, looks like he is hangin out on boat.

    Emma Wholley (Gr4) and Margaret Rizzo (Gr4) – Beach Day!!

    Keep the face mask Selfies coming!!

    Greetings to the Golden Hill…PAX LEADERS and PAX LEARNERS!!!

    I am so excited and ready to greet our awesome kids!

    For the past almost 7 months concern, anxiety, and stress have been constant companions in an atmosphere of uncertainty.  Things have been tough, and people have faced some real challenges, losses,  and difficulties. My excitement certainly doesn’t disregard this point. Like so many educators my excitement and anticipation is “hand in hand” with an understanding that all of us in the Golden Hill community will be working to have a responsible opening.

    We’ll do this by focusing on the guidance from the CDC, Massachusetts Department of Health, The Massachusetts Department of Education, and the Haverhill Public School leadership. We have a tremendous staff that will be working to create a safe and successful year. And we have awesome kids and families.

    Being positive and keeping a vibrant and strong school “spirit and culture” will help to support the social, emotional, and physical well-being of students, staff, and families.

    To that end, let’s do something fun to help build our community and do a little “normalizing!!”




    Some of mine are included, I took them at one of my favorite places – GOLDEN HILL SCHOOL!! Also, wearing one of my favorite “go to” fashion items…the Hawaiian shirt.

    Take a look, and then…. SEND IN YOUR FACE MASK SELFIE!!

    Take a look, and then…. SEND IN YOUR FACE MASK SELFIE!!

    One is me in our cafeteria, with a lot of tables so when kids are here they are seated safely.

    Another is me in a classroom ready for kids! You’ll note the spacing of chairs, and only half will be filled during hybrid model. Things will be different.

    And lastly, there I am outside. I love the flower bed in the parking lot!! We’ll be making use of the outdoors, for mask breaks, teaching, and lots of other things.


  • Toot Toot!

    Mr. Michitson said he would get a mohawk, and visit some of our essential workers with a Golden Hill Tootle! Well, the kids worked hard and stuck with it. So, Mr. Michitson visited Market Basket, The Haverhill Fire Department, The Holy Family Hospital, Haverhill Police, and Trinity Ambulance. There are so many other essential workers who kept us going – transportation workers, trash collection workers, postal service…many more TOOTLES to you All!!

  • Morning Announcements

    What a fantastic job our Golden Hill staff, families, and students did this year! It really is the LAST day of school for the school year 2019-2020.

    And, it’s a half day!

    Smile. Give yourself a pat on the back. Take a long …slow breath. We did it together.

    You last job, remember to be a PAX Leader every day. Promote health, peace, productivity, and happiness. Make yourself a better person, a little bit at a time. That will make the world a better place, a little bit at a time.

    Enjoy your summer.

    June 19th Morning Announcements are below. 

    Be well!!

    Facebook link:

    Golden Hill Facebook



    ¡Qué trabajo fantástico hicieron nuestro personal, familias y estudiantes de Golden Hill este año! Realmente es el ÚLTIMO día de escuela para el año escolar 2019-2020.

     ¡Y es medio día!

     Sonreír. Date una palmadita en la espalda. Respira hondo … lento. Lo hicimos juntos.

    Tu último trabajo, recuerda ser un líder de PAX todos los días. Promueva la salud, la paz, la productividad y la felicidad. Hazte una mejor persona, poco a poco. Eso hará del mundo un lugar mejor, poco a poco.

     Disfruta tu verano.

    Los anuncios de la mañana del 19 de junio están a continuación. Además, el enlace al “Pie en la cara” es el enlace de Facebook. 

    Enlace de Facebook:

    Golden Hill Facebook

    ANUNCIOS DE LA MAÑANAjunio  de 18

  • Kindergarten Registration Information

    Registration for Haverhill Public Schools Free All-Day Kindergarten for September 2020 is Now Open. Children Turning Age Five on or Before August 31, 2020 Are Eligible for Enrollment.  

    Request a Phone Appointment Now!




  • Connections for this week

    Dylan M, grade 2 student, still working hard and being creative:

    On Monday, she hosted a Zoom meeting called Dylan’s Kid Corner for her friends and cousins. She read them her favorite book, Green Eggs and Ham! She’s already planning to do another session featuring artwork. 

    Mrs. Pronovost, K teacher, shared one of her students learning at home:

    We gave the K students 5 beans with directions to plant.  Hula planted hers!

    The district shared a fun project to do for grades 2-4:


    Mrs. Latch, reading specialist, shared a read aloud with you:

    Dylan M, grade 2 student, wanted to share what she has been up to:

    Hi Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs. Windle,
    We hope you’re doing well! Dylan misses her Golden Hill friends. We’ve been taking a lot of walks and keeping up on our reading! She and her brother also made their mascots!

    Sean D, grade 2 student, is rolling coins from his jar and counting money:

    Mrs. St. Hilaire, a Golden Hill parent, sent along the following idea:

    The kids wanted me to send you a fun chalk art project we did outback on our fence. They incorporated their initials within the mosaic design also (totally their idea!).  It looks so pretty!  Super easy- we just made a design with painters tape, colored in with chalk and then peeled off tape!

    Melina B, a grade 4 student, sent the following message:

    Hello Melina has been working hard trying to do her packet. She has also been creative and done art, reading and some plays. Here is a note from her to the school!

    Mrs. Donahue, a grade 1 teacher, wanted to share her daughter having fun today!

    AnthonyD, a grade 4 student, is doing some great things:

    Hi Mrs. Rodriguez,
    This is Anthony D, 4th grade from Mrs. Pstragowski’s class room. He is keeping busy not only studying but also planting our vegetables for the summer and working on his puzzles.
    Hope you are all staying safe as well!
    We love all the information we are getting.
    Thank you,

    Emilia, grade 3 student, has some great ideas:
    Hi, It’s Emilia,
    I just wanted to say hi to you all, especially Mr.Estes and my classmates in room 310! Don’t miss the announcements! I have some advice for those who are bored! Download Duolingo and learn a new language or download an app to learn how to play an instrument.
    Mrs. Curtin, K teacher, sent the following fun with her son:
    Logan got to get outside and do his favorite thing.. build a snowman!
    Rebecca T, grade 2 student, is having fun:

    Rebecca enjoyed some outdoor time with her cat, Twilight, on this March Snow Day! Let’s call it a delayed start for school today.

    Mrs. Pstragowski’s son, grade 4 teacher, is loving the son:

  • 3/20/2020 – Today’s family and friend posts/messages

    Mrs. Peabody, reading teacher, puts her mind to work with a puzzle:

    Hey Friends!

    Hope you are all doing well and keeping yourselves busy. I have been challenging myself to not to turn on the TV.  Instead, I have been doing small projects around my house, like cleaning out messy closets.  When I need a break, I reward myself with reading a few chapters of my book on my kindle. Also, I have been keeping my brain

    busy by starting a puzzle.  The puzzle is 1000 pieces and a bit challenging.  I will try to keep you posted on the progress. If you have any puzzles at home, try making them. Then take a picture and post it on the website.  I would love to see them. I miss seeing all of you and I hope to see your smiling faces on the website.  

    Mrs. Peabody 

    Natalie P and Antonio P, grade 3 and grade K students:

    In the morning Natalie P from Mrs. Marshall class did paper maché. This afternoon Antonio P from Mrs. Curtin’s class colored. Just a Grammy keeping the kids busy.

    Mrs. Noonan, GH staff, sends us her humor:

    My at home stuff…. I had to give out detentions today… I caught my twins cheating on envisions math!

    Trenton and Tressa C, grade 4 and grade K students:

    Yay for Christmas presents being tucked away in a closet for a rainy day!!

    Trenton and Tressa Cannata are starting their day with morning announcements and then having art class drawing their pets!

    Hula, a kindergarten student, impresses us with her leadership skills:

    Hi Mrs.


    Hula was such a good girl today, already starting her kindergarten work packet while we were still finishing up breakfast. When we had to run an errand, Hula packed up her backpack so she could do some work on the road. And when we got home, she motivated her little sister, Wilder, to help her clean and organize the entry-way closet! She’s trying hard to be a PAX leader at home and misses all of her friends and teachers!

    Emma B, previous grade 4 student, sends along this message:

    Thinking of my friends at Golden Hill!


  • 3/20/2020 – Today’s family and friend posts/messages continued :)

    Matty C, grade 4 student, sends us his skills in baseball:

    Keeping busy during break time!

    The Bilo family, grade 1 and 4 students, are enjoying the nice weather today:

    We took a walk to Nettle and back home to pick up lunch and wound up with a team effort to haul home a weekend’s worth of meals. Such a nice thing for Haverhill to do through all of this. We’ll share some things we’ve been working on at home in the coming weeks hopefully. It’s been a whirlwind of a day here! 

    Mrs. Bradley, one of our Golden Hill parents, sends along the following:

    Hello Mrs. Rodriguez

    Here are some pictures of the kids doing their mascot kits at home.


    Mrs. Latch, reading teacher, sends the following message:

    Hi boys and girls! 

    I hope you’re keeping busy, spending time with your families, and finding time to read every day! I found some virtual field trips that may be fun to explore, so check them out if you can! I miss you and can’t wait to see you again!

    Keep smiling,

    Mrs. Latch

  • 3/19/2020 – Family and Friend Messages

    Riley D, grade 2 student. Showing his talents:

    Mrs. Rodriguez,

    Thank you for your cheerful afternoon update today. Riley misses his friends, but has been keeping himself busy. In addition to working through his school packet and enjoying all the educational apps available, he has been hard at work innovating. Today’s masterpiece was a mini-foosball table.

    A big thank you to all staff at Golden Hill for putting together and distributing the homework packets yesterday.

    Wishing you all a safe and healthy adventure,
    The Danos family

    Mrs. Bouchard, reading coach, getting her mind ready for the day:

    Hi Golden Hill Eagles,

    My daughter, Jayleigh and I do yoga every morning after breakfast to keep our bodies and minds healthy. I miss you so much!

    Love, Miss Bouchard

    Rebecca T, grade 2 student, getting an early jump on today’s homework!

    Mrs. Campbell, grade 2 teacher, reading and reading:

    We’ve been reading lots of books!  Ryelyn and I also used binoculars to search for signs of spring today while out on a walk!

     Mrs. Campbell

    Molly J, grade 4 student, being a PAX leader:

    Keeping busy with her schoolwork!

    Mrs. Smullin, art teacher, shares this:

    My girls and I went to our elementary school this morning to start a community piece of art and I shared it on a few Facebook pages encouraging my community to come together, safely of course, to create a piece of art as a community.  I have included a few photos below.  



  • 3/19/2020 — Messages Continued


    Mrs. St. Hilaire, one of our wonderful parents, suggested the below:

    Hi Paula!!!

    I found these pictures online and thought maybe this would be a good activity for you to share on the website/GH FB page or via email if you would like 🙂
    I know there’s so much stuff out there academically and I thought this was easy and creative!

    There’s an indoor and an outdoor graphic.

    Hang in there! We miss you

    Larry D, grade 4 student, still working hard:

    We miss you so much but all doing okay.  Larry says hello and wants to give all his friends tootles for doing their school work from home!!

    Miss. Russell, grade 3 teacher, created a video of herself reading the book “Wonder” to her class:

    So here I am trying “google meet” and attempting to read “Wonder” We had started it in class. I have added it in Google Classroom for the kids to watch. 

    Mrs. Plourde, grade 3 and 4 teacher, loving her pets:

    After lots a fresh air, it was bath time, and dinner, almost time for bed. Hope everyone is getting outside, as well as reading and writing every day!
    Mrs. Plourde

  • 3/18/2020 – Posts from our GH friends and family continued!!

    Ms. Potter, our ETF, gets creative:

    It took a coin flip to decide on a treat, but we’re making chocolate-chocolate chip cookies this afternoon:) And tying some fractions into the fun too!

    Miss Borzi, grade 3 teacher, gets in touch with nature:


      I hope you are doing well and staying happy and healthy! I attached a picture of myself with a positive message as well as a very short video of an owl I saw. Below is a caption you can post with the picture and video:

    I went on a lovely walk at Bald Hill Reservation in Boxford today and saw a HUGE owl! Check out the video! I miss you all so much! I hope you all go outside and enjoy some fresh air! Love, Miss Borzi 🙂

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help at any time!

     – Miss.  Borzi

    Miss. Ricciardi, Grade 3 and K teacher wrote:

    Hi PAX Leaders! 

    Today I spent some time drawing with Mo Willems! He writes the elephant and piggie books that so many of us love! You can draw with him every day at 1pm. Just click the link below. I can’t wait to see you all soon! 🙂

    Mrs. Soterion, grade 1 teacher, puts her granddaughter to work:

    Payton and I practicing math facts. We forgot counters so we used our Cheerios. Payton won the game.

    Kwasi, a kindergarten student, putting his PAX skills to the test:

    Kwasi from Mrs. P’s class working through his packet! Thanks GH!

    Ms. Meinhardt, PAL staff, is enjoying outside today:

    Morning view for you!  Stay healthy!

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