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Mr. Bruce Michitson – Principal
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  • 3/18/2020 – Posts from our GH friends and family


    Brayden P’s mother, grade 4 student, writes:

    Brayden P in Mr. Estes 3rd grade glass has read 50 pages a day and did 2 hours of school work today!  

     Very proud of him !

    Isabella S, Kindergarten student, another PAX leader:

    Isabella S here! Just wanted to say hi and I miss you. I’m working really hard at home on my take home packets as well as some workbooks mommy got me. I’ve also been watching live safaris from the Cincinnati zoo and a live reading of Pete The Cat by the author!

    Can’t wait to be back to learning at Golden hill.

    See you soon
    Bella, Room 208 Kindergarten

    Maksen, grade 2 student, helping his younger brother:

    Maksen working on his homework packet and then helping his younger brother after he had already finished. He’s a good helper!


  • 3/17/2020 – Posts from our GH friends and family


    Mrs. Pronovost, Kindergarten teacher writes the below:

    One of my students slipped this note through the car window yesterday as I handed her a work packet.  She made my day!  I miss all my student so much!  I hope you all do a little bit of work today, and make sure you. Mix in a little bit of fun!! I plan on finishing my book called, “The Day the World Came to Town”.  What book will you read today?  Love, Mrs. P

    Mrs. McGrath, grade 1 teacher, showing off her daughter’s reading skills:

    Good morning friends! 

     Madelyn and I have been enjoying reading books every day. We hope you are reading your favorite stories as well.

     Thinking of you all!

     –Mrs. McGrath 

    Xayvian V, 2nd grade Mrs. Campbell’s room, sharing his day:

    Excited to be bringing his PAX system into the home.  He also watched a mystery science video on how rainbows are made and then tried out an activity to make his own rainbow! Tootles to him for being a PAX learner at home with a great PAX attitude! Keep up the great work everyone!

    Our GH friends having fun and working hard to distribute those homework packets!

    Mrs. Donahue, grade 1 teacher, having a green day:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

         -With love from Mary and Bell

  • Our new school song — It’s a PAX song!!!

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